Consumer Information

It takes a lot to put yourself on display and stand out from the crowd. At Stahmann Farms we're pleased to have done just that, and to have made a positive mark in the nutty retail industry.

In the early 1980s Stahmann Farms began producing high quality pecan products. Back when the fashion leaders of the day were experimenting with such things as fluorescent clothing, yo-yos and - let's face it - some questionable music, we were clearly focussed on manufacturing superior nut products.

Our brands and packaging may have evolved over the years but our products remain true to their heritage of quality.

For further information on any of our Retail Lines (or some of that questionable '80s music) please contact:

Michelle Herbert
Marketing + Communications
Ph: 07 4699 9453
Mob: 0419 255 912

Our Mission

Stahmann Farms likes to shine the spotlight on pecans, and why wouldn't we given how fabulous they are. We actively market pecans in Australia and the South East Asian markets, supporting product development and promotion for retail markets the world over, all this while working with and supporting the NPSA and APGA.

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