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Need assistance with your own pecan orchard or another nut variety? We can help. That's right, we're more than just a pretty face. Stahmann Farms has a dynamic team responsible for orchard management in the Gwydir Valley. This team draws on the talents and expertise, of a diverse group of individuals, if we do say so ourselves, some with more than 25 years' experience in orchard management, coupled with energy and enthusiasm of those coming through the ranks with new skills and expertise.

The Stahmann Farms Horticulture Team is available as a contract service for all aspects of orchard management from soil and land survey, site selection and orchard design, through to planting, pruning, harvesting, pre-cleaning and drying. The Team has specialist skills in operating and maintaining tree shakers, sweepers and harvesters.

In addition, the Team has direct experience and expertise in the installation of major drip irrigation systems, working directly with designers and suppliers, to install all pumps, filtration systems, mainlines, trickle tape, flushing mains and sub-mains. Stahmann Horticulture operates its own excavator, trencher and mobile crane, together with elevated work platforms (EWP's) and other specialist equipment.

Stahmann Farms Horticulture focuses on continuous improvement and the production of a reliable, high quality product, while providing a competitive service that our clients can rely on.

Stahmann Farms Horticulture is committed to creating a more dynamic, stronger, more secure horticultural industry that generates sustainable profits in the years ahead, and that builds on the legacy of our founder, the late Deane Stahmann Jnr.

For further information on our Grower Services please contact:

Ken McClymont
Farm Operations Manager – Trawalla
0427 549 259

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About Stahmann Farms

Stahmann Farms Inc. was established in Las Cruces, New Mexico, in 1932 by Deane Stahmann Snr. He and his sons, the late brothers, Deane Jnr and Bill Stahmann, planted more than 100,000 Pecan trees (pronounced p'cahn in southern USA) on a vast property still operated by the family.
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