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Chris Searle

Stahmann Farms officially welcomed Chris Searle to the team in March 2017. Chris is based in Bundaberg and has a wealth of experience in tropical fruit and macadamia production. Chris brings to the team a solid agronomic and supply chain understanding and will be our man on the ground servicing growers along the east coast of Australia's macadamia growing regions. Below is a snapshot of Chris' background. 

Chris joined the Queensland Department of Primary Industries in 1992 where he worked on projects examining disease resistance in banana and the physiology of mango as a post doctoral fellow with CSIRO. He has led a series of research projects examining avocado nutrition and water and water use and irrigation in macadamia. Chris was also involved in the macadamia root and soil health project and the abnormal vertical growth project.

After leaving the Qld DPI in 2002, Chris managed farms in Bundaberg and established and ran a 250,000 tree nursery. Since then he has held positions with several macadamia processing companies where he provided technical advice to growers. This advice ranged from farm selection, to nursery and orchard establishment through to rejuvenating large overgrown and rundown orchards. Chris also owns and manages, in conjunction with his son, an 11ha lychee farm and two small leased macadamia farms in Bundaberg.

Chris is available to growers for assistance and advice on all aspects of macadamia growing and production. 

Mobile 0472 877 144

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