Pecan Growers

As pecan growers ourselves, we understand the challenges growers face to produce a quality kernel year in year out. We also know just how important it is to be recognised in the market place for the passion and effort you put in.

Our history and heritage is pecans, and we hold this very close to our heart. We understand your pecans are precious and we'll treat them as such.

With values of honesty and integrity at our core, we think it's hard to look further than Stahmann Farms as a processing and marketing partner for your business.

Our 2018 Pecan NIS Offers are detailed below:

2018 APGP NIS Offer

2018 APGP NIS Terms & Conditions

2018 SFE Pecan Fixed Price

2018 SFE Pecan Fixed Price Terms & Conditions

For further information on either of these offers, please contact our team below:

Contact: Michelle Herbert, Grower Services Coordinator
Mobile: 0419 255 912


Contact:Rod Sproule, Grower Liaison
Mobile: 0427 245 973


Our Mission

Stahmann Farms likes to shine the spotlight on pecans, and why wouldn't we given how fabulous they are. We actively market pecans in Australia and the South East Asian markets, supporting product development and promotion for retail markets the world over, all this while working with and supporting the NPSA and APGA.

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