Pecan Pool

We believe our Pecan Pool is a great way for you to sell your nut-in-shell in the marketplace. We aim to make life easy for you whilst maximising the return on your crop, not just this year but long into the future. We operate with full transparency and welcome you to our Factory at any time to review our facilities, documentation and procedures. From your farm to the end product, whether it be bulk nuts or a retail product, you can see each step that your nuts take in their journey.

The Australian Pecan Growers Pool is a grower-based, collective processing and marketing operation. The simple fact of the matter is - if we do better, you do better.

Stahmann Farms is also pleased to offer farming advice and assistance where we can to help foster the success of the Australian pecan industry. "Stahmann's" have been in the pecan business since 1932 and we're pretty well connected by now, so why not take advantage of a relationship with one of the world's oldest and most successful nut companies?

Our 2018 Pecan NIS Offers are detailed below:

2018 APGP NIS Offer

2018 APGP NIS Terms & Conditions

2018 SFE Pecan Fixed Price

2018 SFE Pecan Fixed Price Terms & Conditions

For further information on either of these offers, please contact our team below:

Contact: Michelle Herbert, Grower Services Coordinator     
Mobile: 0419 255 912     


Contact:Rod Sproule, Grower Liaison
Mobile: 0427 245 973

Our Mission

Stahmann Farms likes to shine the spotlight on pecans, and why wouldn't we given how fabulous they are. We actively market pecans in Australia and the South East Asian markets, supporting product development and promotion for retail markets the world over, all this while working with and supporting the NPSA and APGA.

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