Australian Macadamia Growers Pool

2019 Macadamia NIS Offers released

Stahmann Farms is proud to present our 2019 Macadamia NIS Offer. Please click the link below for further details:

2019 AMGP Offer Bundle

2019 AMGP Terms Conditions

For growers interested in a Fixed Price Option, please follow this link

Our "traditional" Pool offer

In late 2016, Stahmann Farms re-branded the Stahmann Farms Macadamia Trading Pool as the Australian Macadamia Growers Pool (AMGP).

Building upon the success of the Stahmann Farms Macadamia Trading Pool, the purpose of the AMGP has been to drive business success for Australian macadamia growers through integrating grass roots knowledge, leading processing experience and the opportunity for growers to participate in a successful global marketing and sales platform.  And it's succeeded. 

The AMGP brings together the combined resources of professional macadamia growers, experts in processing and product development as well as respected leaders in the field of macadamia marketing and sales. The essential function of the Pool is unchanged; it continues to be controlled and run by Stahmann Farms’ professional processing and marketing teams. The purpose of the re-branding is to emphasise the universal purpose of the Pool and to appeal as broadly as possible to all Australian macadamia growers.

As you know, the Pool is much more than a mechanism to buy nuts from growers. It’s a way for growers to participate transparently and fairly in all facets of the value chain. It’s also the perfect way for the industry to manage market ups and downs by allowing all boats to rise and fall gently on the Pool, rather than forcing buyers and sellers to the cliff edge with unsustainable bidding wars. Managing fluctuating markets maturely and sensibly will become increasingly critical in the years to come as the world crop increases and we believe all Australian growers should participate in the AMGP to promote market growth and price stability.

Don't hesitate to contact us to find out how we can deliver a competitive and market supported return on your crop. For more information, please click here and we will be in contact with you directly. Alternatively you can contact one of our Team members who are more than happy to discuss our Offer with you.

Glen Crimmins
NIS Supply Manager            
0429 991 520    

Michelle Herbert
Grower Services Coordinator
0419 255 912

John Boardman
Macadamia Business Development
0413 867 837

Rod Sproule
Grower Liaison Officer
0427 245 973

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