Fireside Chats

Stahmann Farms introduces our 'Fireside Chats' series

The phrase ‘fireside chat’ was made popular, if not coined, by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt sometime in the 1930s. The National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress, noted these collection of chats as "an influential series of radio broadcasts in which Roosevelt utilized the media to present his programs and ideas directly to the public and thereby redefined the relationship between President Roosevelt and the American people …."

Please don’t think for a second that we expect to reach such lofty heights, rather we hope to further foster the connection that, as growers, we all share.

With current Australian government restrictions in place our Procurement team are unable to visit you in person or at group meetings. To help fill this void, we are providing you, our NIS suppliers, with a range of videos that will assist you in staying up-to-date on current market activities - domestic and international, our COVID-19 mitigation processes, HCOs, even how to make the most of your Portal experience, amongst other topics of interest. 

  Chat #1 - The first in our 'Fireside Chats' is presented by Ross Burling, CEO. Ross gives the latest company update and provides general information about Stahmann Farms.

Chat #2 is a conversation about the Domestic Retail Market with our Sales Manager, Andrew Waddell.  Listen to Andrew discuss the impacts from COVID-19 on the retail nut sector in Australia.

Chat #3 - Listen to Bronwyn Carlish (Technical Services Manager) and David Taylor (Workplace Health & Safety Manager) outline the risk mitigation undertaken by Stahmann Farms, and what delays, if any, growers may experience when supplying NIS to Stahmann Farms due to the government restrictions in place for COVID-19.
Chat #4 - Our Director of Commercial Operations, Richard Sampson Genest is put through his paces by NSW macadamia grower Noah Seccombe. From the foothills of the Yarrahapinni Mountain to inner city Brisbane, these two discuss the current global market for macadamias and any impact seen by COVID-19.

Chat #5 - Once again our Commercial Director, Richard Sampson Genest is in the hot seat discussing the current global Pecan market and any impact seen or expected by COVID-19. 

Chat #6 - In our sixth Fireside Chat, our Technical Services Manager Bronwyn Carlish runs through a macadamia HCO with Laboratory Supervisor Seona Gray. Bronwyn and Seona take us through the entire HCO process, highlighting traceability checkpoints, moisture testing and the grading of kernel.  

Stay tuned as we release further "Fireside Chats" in coming weeks. While you wait you may wish to view some of our other videos, from our YouTube channel.  You will find a range of videos, from an old Leyland Brothers clip when they visited the farm nearly 20 years ago, an ABC Landline story, some promotional videos and even an early 1990s tv commercial for pecan nuts:




Our Mission

Stahmann Farms likes to shine the spotlight on pecans, and why wouldn't we given how fabulous they are. We actively market pecans in Australia and the South East Asian markets, supporting product development and promotion for retail markets the world over, all this while working with and supporting the NPSA and APGA.

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