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Quality is a byword at Stahmann Farms where we pride ourselves not only on meeting the highest standards, but on setting them.

As a renowned and respected supplier to international markets over several decades, Stahmann Farms has put in place a quality system which not only monitors and controls food safety standards but also ensures consistent, high-quality factory outcomes which enable our clients to maximise their commercial outcomes.

Stahmann Farms operates two onsite laboratories: a microbiological laboratory, which tests each product batch of product for compliance with all legislative and customer standards, and the Stahmann Farms Quality Assurance Laboratory, accredited to the Australian Macadamia Society standard. Continually sampling product during processing and at finished product stages, this Laboratory ensures that the stringent parameters of international quality standards, along with the individual grower or owner's specifications, are achieved.

Stahmann Farms quality system oversees regular washing, cleaning and maintenance programs on all processing facilities to reduce risks of cross-contamination, and to ensure the greatest efficiency and availability of the plant to process 24 hours a day. Additionally, Stahmann Farms employs a rigorous competency based assessment system for all staff to ensure that their skills remain current and in line with the latest industry developments.

Services provided:

  • Hand Crack-outs, carried out on every batch of nut-in-shell after drying, provide an accurate indication of the product's standard and expected yields.
  • Using Australian Macadamia Society methods, nut-in-shell moisture is determined by drying in a hot air oven and kernel moisture by using a vacuum oven.
  • Every batch of raw kernel is tested for mould, yeast, E coli, and total plate count. External NATA certified laboratories are used for Salmonella testing.
  • Peroxide value, free fatty acid and aflatoxin testing are carried out, as required.
  • Chemical residue testing can be arranged on request.

For further information on Quality Management contact Bronwyn Carlish, Technical Services Manager on 0438 160 042 or bronwync@stahmann.com.au

Our Mission

Stahmann Farms likes to shine the spotlight on pecans, and why wouldn't we given how fabulous they are. We actively market pecans in Australia and the South East Asian markets, supporting product development and promotion for retail markets the world over, all this while working with and supporting the NPSA and APGA.

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